A brand logo can break or make business prospects in the market. A well designed catchy logo can easily create a good rapport with the customers or market share the business is trying to tap. It is the physical representation of the company’s brand. Therefore being the outward expression of the company, it should be well designed to attract customer’s attention and taste to the company’s products. In this blog, we will show you how to design a logo in just 5 steps, no big deal and you will be set to grow your brand.

1. Know your brand

Before you can get down to design a brand logo, it is important you know your brand. Get to know your brand’s identity, what it wants to achieve as clearly outlined in the mission and vision statement. The logo should rhyme well with the target market and target customers' expectations and inspiration. This way, your logo would represent what the brand stands for and wants to achieve.

2. Consider the nature of your business

A logo being the outward representation of your business, should fully represent all information pertaining to your business. For instance, business colors, images in products should equally be aligned in your logo.

3. Choose your colors and fonts carefully

Colors are crucial in determining the brand’s message. For instance, the red color would mean the business is aggressive, passionate and energetic. Therefore there are colors that are often identified with certain messages and the business should consider which color it identifies within its operations. Subsequently, fonts should be carefully picked. For instance, a business dealing with innovative products would identify themselves with different font styles to illustrate their dynamic nature as a result of innovation.

4. Type of logo

There are different types of logos. For instance, there are logos bearing the company’s name and other bearing symbols. For a popular company like the Fly Emirates, a logo bearing its company name can easily be identified unlike the one bearing symbol. You should be careful to have your company name in your logo so that it can be easily identifiable.

5. Keep it simple and make it scalable

Make your logo simple and easily memorable to your target market. A simple logo is easily memorable. Popular brands such as Fly Emirates, Apple, and Coca Cola have a simple logo. Their simplicity must have contributed to their popularity. Another key element when designing your logo scalability. Avenues for scalability be considered to incorporate future adjustments.


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