Tips on choosing a slogan

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Whether it's McDonald's “I'm Lovin it” or BMW’S “The Ultimate Driving Machines. Sheer Driving Pleasure”, these slogans are an insight into what a company or an organization has in store for its customers. An embellished name of the company might attract the public but a slogan that specifies exactly what one gets out of that place is what makes the person stay loyal and faithful to the company.

Few reasons that seem to contribute to this might be a tendency within humans to look for something new around them. Once they find this new element, they need the validation of their intrigued desire to be a part of the community that can be created with the members of this company. This validation is provided in the form of a slogan the company has to offer. Why so?

Because it marks a claim that the company has to make to its customers. Why does McDonald's say “I'm Lovin it”? Because it wants to make its customers believe the fact their delicacies will be served the best at their store. So they target the taste impulse. Similarly, BMW promises through its slogan a smooth and pleasurable ride. And that's exactly what you would want as a promise from an automobile organization. So the point is how should one go about finding slogan that would suit a company's interest?

Here's the code:

1-Try to keep the slogan closely associated with the product/services you are providing.

2- A slogan should be crisp and precise.Keep the language simple.

3- Decide depending upon the type of audience you expect to treat.Your slogan should highlight the claim you make as an organization.

4- It is essential to keep the slogan as simple in language as possible so as not to make the customer think too much over what you intend to convey through those few words.

So, for example, you are a company selling beds. Saying “ Keeps you snuggly” will be less effective compared to saying “Provides warmth”. The latter is clearer and easier to understand. Added, a short slogan like that works more efficiently than  said a long one because people might not want to go through sentences to understand what you serve when things can be said in a few words.

If you want your company to serve in just your regions, sticking to the regional language might help. People will connect more compared to a situation where you possibly use a foreign language to attract the crowd. Regional language will help to form a cultural bond. Furthermore, your slogan should tell what you are serving. It shouldn't be the case where you claim differently compared to what you serve. This might lead to disappointment among the customers who would not want to trust you again with your services.

Thus, keeping in the mind the significance of each of the five steps above would help you come up with a slogan that will not only help to attract more customers but also help you obtain the position big brands generally hold. A wise choice at developing a slogan will mark the first level of your organization's success in the future.


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