Branding 101

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

The recognition of each individual is essentially attributed to the fact that he/she carries with himself a name which distinguishes him/her as an identity from the rest. If the same theory is applied to the system of a company, it is plausible to argue that identity is obtained upon branding a company. But the question still remains why brand it?

So, imagine a situation where a writer produces a work of literature, or maybe a painter or a musician creates a work of art, can he/she receive the recognition for his/her work without declaring themselves as certain individuals? We know Macbeth as Shakespeare’s work; what if Shakespeare never had a name? This will give the readers an insight into why is it necessary to brand the companies.

Branding gives your produce an identity in a world of competitive markets. A brand, therefore, is a bigger set comprised of smaller subsets known as the products of that brand. Therefore, a brand is a recognition set. The customers associated with any company will prefer to rely on a particular ‘brand’ if it meets their utility requirements through the quality that the products offer. Further, branding a company leads to the addition of significant value to the position of a company; this value might vary from a monetary to a recognitory scale. Once a certain value is attached to a company, its importance in the circle of the competitive markets increases gradually. Another reason for branding can be obtained from the fact that companies need dedicated employees. Branding might help them acquire this end. With the name of a company going around the corners, an increasing number of employees would want to invest their labor in the company.

But what helps companies acquire this attraction from the employees? The answer is advertisements. So with branding comes advertising. An essential reason to brand your company could even be to advertise it in order to reach the maximum population around the globe. Moreover, with advertisements not only will the proportion of the employees increase but also the number of trusted customers will shoot up. This leads to the formation of a professional community among the customers and the company as a whole. Branding, more than anything, will lead a company to make a loyal proclamation which might be their first attempt at claiming and thereby agreeing to stay by their promise of providing their customers with the best of the services their entire team can offer.

Therefore, making a claim to stay loyal to the wants and the utilities demanded by the customers, branding of a company ensures trust, loyalty, recognition, efficiency, and success both within the community that exists between the company and the customers and outside it amidst the other competitive markets and companies around. Providing a company with its face, branding helps the companies acquire an identity for themselves as a distinguished group of people working with the common goal of meeting the demands of their customers.


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